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Sunday, March 11, 2012

They call this ethical..

Two people calling themselves bioethicists are proposing what they euphemistically call "after-birth abortion". What they mean by this is that if a child is born with a defect that would have caused the parents to abort the child before birth, they should have they right to kill the child after birth. I may be mistaken, but I thought this was called murder. I have a big enough problem with a normal abortion (if there is such a thing) but killing a child that has already drawn breath is just plain wrong.

Every child that comes into this world is special and all deserve the love and nurturing that we give the healthy one, no matter what problems they are born with. Some of the sweetest children I have ever met have been handicapped in one way or another, and would no more cause harm to anyone around them than I would. To deny them the chance to become everything they were sent here to be just because the don't fit the current definition of "perfect" is an abomination.

While I refuse to name the monsters who propose this, at least one of them is a doctor. I am not sure if the designation is for a medical degree or a Phd. but in either case the person has absolutely no human compassion.

If this is a good idea, where do we draw the line. Does a young child who gets disable due to injury or illness qualify for this procedure? How about a teenager that gets cancer and needs to have a limb amputated? Do we then extend it to adults who don't fit in? Where does it end?

Who gets to decide if a child is to be murdered after birth? Do the parents have all the responsibility or can the doctors override a decision to kill? With the current government interference in healthcare, would a bureaucrat tell the parents that there beautiful child wasn't worthy of spending money on? Or would the parents be able to override the bureaucrats decision? If there was a couple who were unable to have children would they be able to save a child sentenced to death for a defect?

These are the true ethical questions which need to be answered, not whether or not an intellectual in some ivory tower thinks we need to be able to murder children who don't fit their ideals. If we, as a society, allow something like this to proceed, then we have lost any last bit of humanity that we might have left, and deserve what ever befalls us. This can't be allowed to stand, and these monsters can't be allowed to influence any policy, anywhere, at any time, for anything which can affect decent people.

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